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General Information


School Hours 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Regular day arrival begins at 8:50am

Regular day dismissal begins at 3:20pm


Students should not arrive before 8:50 AM. There is no adult supervision before this time.


Scheduled Early Dismissal Days : 1:25 PM (lunch will be served) Early release days may include conference days and days before certain holidays.


EMERGENCY Early Dismissal Days : Emergency early dismissal may be due to inclement weather or any event requiring the early dismissal of students.

  • Morning Emergency Dismissal: 11:30 AM (no lunch served)
  • Afternoon Emergency Dismissal: 1:25pm (lunch served)


Student Absence: Please notify the school every day your child will be absent by sending an email to

After classroom attendance has been taken and sent to the office, a check will be made against the absences emailed to the school. For more information regarding attendance polices please review our Attendance Policy.



We use School Dismissal Manager ( a web based system to notify classroom teachers of any change in dismissal. Please log in and note any changes to your child's dismissal before 2:15pm. This program is for dismissals only, it is not used to report absences.



Extended vacations beyond the regularly scheduled school vacations are strongly discouraged. Skill development is a day-to-day process. Interruptions to your child's normal school calendar may be harmful to the learning process. It is difficult for teachers to prepare homework before, during and after an extended vacation. In order to discourage extended vacations, it has become a district wide practice for teachers not to be required to provide extra homework.



The bus loop located in front of the gym is reserved for buses only. Cars are not allowed in the bus loop. Parent pick-up is located in the front entrance loop of the school. At arrival and dismissal times, students must be picked up and dropped off at the designated area only. Pick up before 3:00pm is considered an "early pick-up" anything after 3:00pm is considered regular pick up. Please plan and update School Dismissal Manager accordingly.


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